My name is Rosa Beatriz Kuffó Mendoza. I was born in Chone-Manabí on January 17, 1960. My family is Catholic, I grew up respecting the Sunday observance, as well as religious observance and values ​​of honesty, responsibility and study, which were very important in our lives. In September 1975, the Pastor of the Holy Family Parish, Father Néstor Zubeldia, invited me to some catecheses, and from the first announcement, I felt the desire to attend them, because I was missing something and I was not happy. We started the convivence on November 7, at the Santistevan School in Guayaquil. I had a great need for Jesus Christ, and although I did not know or understand it, the word I received made me fall in love. It filled me with hope and joy; I believed it. In these years I have traveled a long path of joy and exultation but also of sin and infidelity, of knowing my weakness and finding myself again and again with the Love of Jesus Christ. It is not enough to say that he has forgiven my sins, or simply to say "he has saved me". He has done much more, he has taken me to the desert, he has spoken to my heart, he has been sweet and tender, he has cared for me like the apple of his eye, he has been a loving Husband to me and a loving Father to my daughters . I am a single mother, I have two beautiful daughters and 4 beautiful grandchildren. I know that after so much love and good, I could deny it, but I don't want to. I ask the Mother Church to preserve me from such evil, because it is not intelligence, nor academic or economic achievements that have taught me to live with dignity as a daughter of God. It is not that studying and preparing is at odds with Faith, on the contrary, the Lord allowed me to work for approximately 40 years as a Speech Therapist with children with different disabilities, and to do it with zeal and love. However, I felt the call to serve the Church, and for this reason I quit my job and am now on mission at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary, because I believe that the Church IS THE SACRAMENT OF SALVATION FOR THE WORLD. I bless God for my parents, my daughters, my family: sisters and nephews, my brothers in the community, and for the catechists who have led me on this way with patience and faith. (Dt. 8,11-16)