Acquisition of vehicles to transport seminarians to their different activities.

At the moment we only have a 5-passenger pick-up truck and an 8-passenger van: the seminary has a total of 23 people at the moment and we expect more candidates in the future.

We´re looking for two 15-passenger vehicles


Construction of the bell tower.

A bell tower would complete the construction of the Sanctuary of the Word and the Chapel, following the new aesthetic of the Neocatechumenal Way. This bell tower would be similar to that of other Redemptoris Mater seminaries like Macherata, Albania, Denver, etc.

Expansion of dormitories for sisters in mission.

The bedrooms of the sisters who help us in the seminary are too small and it is necessary to expand them in order to give them a more comfortable and dignified place.

Estimated cost: $30,000

Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament.

We want to build a chapel for the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament where the seminarians can find a place of recollection and personal prayer separate from the spaces that are destined for liturgical prayer.

Estimated cost: $15,000

Construction of the elevator.

More and more brothers are visiting the seminary and many have trouble climbing the stairs. The sisters on mission also need an elevator more and more for their daily work.

Rennovation of interior spaces

New meeting room.

In line with the new aesthetics and in order to allow better use of the seminary building, we need to renovate some areas such as the meeting room and the main entrance. In addition, it is necessary to widen the sidewalk at the entrance and the dining room. That is why we need to acquire furniture and materials.

Estimated cost: $5,000

Expansion and adaptation of office spaces for formators.

As the number of formators increased, we find ourselves in need of expanding some rooms and adapting them to offices in order to have a place where they can work and receive seminarians for consultations. That is why we need to acquire furniture and materials.

New furniture for the seminarians' bedrooms.

The seminarians' bedrooms need new furniture (beds, cabinets, desks, shelves) to give them a more dignified stay in line with the purpose of the new aesthetic of showing these young people the paternal love of God.

New liturgical vestments.

After 18 years, the seminary needs to renew the liturgical vestments so that the celebration of the Eucharist and other liturgical actions reflect the solemnity of what we celebrate and are signs of our gratitude to the God who has redeemed us.

Estimated cost: $12,000

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