My name is Emilio Enrique Hurtado Pérez, I was born on August 12, 2003 in Quito, Ecuador. I come from a Christian family, I have a living sister and three brothers waiting for me in heaven. I walk in the fourth community of the Neocatechumenal Way of the "Sagrada Familia" Parish of Rumiñahui. I entered the Camino at an early age and was able to see the mercy of the Lord, who has preserved me from many sins that I may have experienced in my life.

Through the transmission of the faith of my parents, I have been able to see the love of God in my history and embark on a path towards, by and for Him. This love that the grace of life gave me, since my parents could not have children , is the same one who knocked on my door and, after having gone through a process of vocational discernment, I am currently studying the fourth level of philosophy and I have been at the Redemptoris Mater "San Pedro Claver" Seminary in Esmeraldas for approximately 2 years, where the Lord It has blessed me immensely.

I want to thank you for your great generosity and I ask you to pray for me.