A cordial greeting to all the brothers, I want to start by telling you a little about my experience. My name is Jesús Adrián Corte Sinchi and I am 28 years old. I was born in the city of Cuenca and I am a seminarian at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. I have been in the seminary for 4 years and six months.

I learned the path at the age of 16: this was a very important event in my life for me because at this time my life was marked by much suffering and my refuge was the Church. I grew up in a family of five siblings: we lived in a poor economic situation and this caused the separation of my parents. Being left alone with my mother and four siblings, it was hard. I had to start working at 11 years old in different jobs. There were times when we did not have enough to eat, but somehow Divine Providence always assisted us. At the same time I began to study, because I felt that society demanded more of me: I thought that only money could fill the gaps in my life. Since I entered the Neocatechumenal Way, I have felt and experienced the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, who has freed me from many strong sins. The Church has welcomed me like a Mother and there, a few years ago, in the midst of the Neocatechumenal community that God has given me, I felt the call to the priesthood: I felt loved in the midst of all the sufferings that I had in my life.

The experience in the seminary helped me to know who I really am and to come to terms with the sufferings of my history. I have been sent to do mission in different parishes where the proclamation of God's love was really needed and I have seen this love in the parishioners, who came to the Eucharist. I was also on mission in a parish in my city where I accompanied the priest who celebrated the Eucharist in jail: there I was able to see God's mercy towards these brothers who were submerged in suffering. I thank you with all my heart for all your collaboration with the seminary and I ask you to pray for me.