My name is Jonathan David Tandazo Yunga, I was born in the city of Loja (Ecuador) in 1998. I am part of the Neocatechumenal Way, which I began at the age of 18. The time of the catechism allowed me to get to know the Church again, since by taking communion, a biblical year, as well as confirmation, I have been able to experience a dimension beyond what is "normal in the church" or "enough", since it was common In my family, I attend Sunday mass, as well as participate in different liturgical seasons such as Holy Week. However, by continuing with my development both in studies and personally, I left the Church in the background since I did not find "usefulness or meaning" in it.

This is how, in a very difficult family situation, I was able to reconcile with a friend to whom I commented on my situation and they gave me an answer: Christ has allowed this situation to give meaning to your life. At that moment, I did not understand, because my indifference towards God was very great.

I attended catechesis and was able to understand the dimension of my suffering and the meaning it had. Consequently, the third community was formed in the "Santo Domingo de Guzmán" Parish in Loja, a community that I currently consider my family, because they have assisted me in my rebellions, sufferings and joys. During those years on the Camino I had the experience of the mission in my city, as well as in other parts of Ecuador: all this was possible thanks to prayer.

At the age of 19 there was a change of direction in life, since, after living a cohabitation at the beginning of the course that is celebrated annually, I heard the call to the priesthood. After four years of waiting, fears, doubts and wild attempts to desire and create a lifestyle, I was able to realize the true meaning that I must take for my life: respond to this call.

I am currently in the Redemptoris Mater Seminary "San Pedro Claver" of Esmeraldas located in the city of Quito, Capital of Ecuador. I thank you very much for your generosity towards us and I ask you to pray for me so that I can do God's will every day.