My name is José Benjamín Torres Cóndor, I was born in the city of Quito in the year 2000. In my family we are five members, my father José, my mother Irma and, lastly, my two sisters; the eldest, Karen, and the one who comes after me called Esperanza.

I grew up in a Christian family and before I was born my parents were already part of a church charism called the Neocatechumenal Way. This is how my story begins. Since I was a child I was mainly raised by my grandparents, since both my parents worked almost all day. That is why since I was little I have sought attention and the desire to be loved by my parents, and without knowing it in that search for affection, I lost myself more and more. For that reason, I had a lot of problems socializing because in the first instance I didn't accept the story that God had given me; thus, little by little I was filled with resentment and hatred.

The situation became worse when I entered the University, because there I ended up losing the horizon and the graces that God had given me, I forgot so many words and I wanted to superimpose my will as definitive and only existent. I had a big problem with a girl and we ended up breaking off our relationship because in the end she didn't love me like I wanted: that's why I had a time when I didn't want to know anything or anyone and I sank deeper into my vices of alcohol, parties, etc.

But in the midst of so many things, God helped me and gave me a word through a brother from the vocational center, which I had begun to attend. This brother helped me put myself in God's hands only, since only with him would I have hope of a new life. So it was. I began to listen not only to myself and my desires and to let God come into my life and do His work.

However, the really happy thing came later when my life took a radical turn when I entered the seminary, because here God has shown me His mercy by reconciling me with my story: even though I have suffered a lot in so many instances, God has been the guarantor of the new path that I have begun to travel. I thank you for all you do for us here at the seminary and ask that you keep me in your prayers.