My name is Kevin Jonathan Iturralde Carvache, I was born in Esmeraldas in 1995 and I am the youngest of three brothers. I entered the community at the age of 13 in the "San Martín de Porres" parish in Esmeraldas. When I was at school I stopped walking for a long time. I returned to the Neocatechumenal path when I entered the university in Guayaquil and returned to the community that I now consider my home community (the 17th of the "Santo Tomás de Aquino" parish in Guayaquil). I was 23 years old when the Lord called me to follow him and I was studying at the university. To follow Christ, I first had to "leave my nets": at first I had a call to itinerancy, and after a period of mission I felt that the Lord was calling me to the presbyterate. I went through a vocational time of discernment and finally in 2022 I entered the Redemptoris Mater "San Pedro Clavel" seminary in Esmeraldas. I am currently in Quito walking in the "San Isidro del Inca" parish in community 13. Thank you very much for your help and please pray for me.